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Our Planning, Consulting & Project Management
Our Planning, Consulting & Project Management


A project manager is assigned to every project undertaken by Alfacon Solutions. The project manager guides the project team through a proven project methodology. This process defines specific phases that are completed in sequence; to assure a successful implementation of your project, through:

  • Planning and Consulting
  • Detailed Design
  • Implementation
  • Installation and Commissioning
  • Training
  • Service

Within each phase, individual tasks are defined by standard operating procedures to guarantee consistency and quality in the design of your system. These procedures reduce the risk of cost overruns and highlight possible obstacles early in the process, so that they do not become unmanageable. Internal project meetings are held on a weekly basis to ensure maintenance of schedule and budget for all projects.

Our project teams utilize management and accounting software, specific to our business. The software maintains a database of all project costs, broken down to labour (by discipline), material, subcontracts and project expenses by user defined equipment modules.

The reports generated by this software allow our Project Managers to control costs and maintain schedules, resulting in consistently successful projects.